Unnerving News of Untried Nazi Criminals

Some recent worrying reports have reached us regarding infamous Holocaust perpetrators who are not only escaping the public spotlight and the inevitable justice it would bring, but who are apparently living comfortably.

According to a June 16 article in The Sun, Milivoj Asner, the fourth most wanted Nazi on the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s list, was seen mingling with soccer fans at Euro 2008—despite escaping a trial on account of being too ill.

Asner is evidently confident he will evade punishment. “I have a clear conscience, I can appear in front of any court,” he said.

The Sun says this about Asner’s suspiciously healthy activity:

The Sun tracked down the 95-year-old former police chief and Gestapo agent and secretly filmed him as he strolled confidently for more than a mile, arm-in-arm with second wife Edeltraut.

Walking without a stick, he even roamed 8th May Street – named after VE Day.

He stopped several times to sit in cafés, chatting to waiters and sipping leisurely drinks alongside excited football fans.

Haaretz followed up.

More recent news, from July 9, points to increasing pressure and evidence that might lead to the arrest of Aribert Heim, known as the Nazi “Dr. Death.”

Heim is the number one most wanted war criminal on the SWC’s list and appears to be hiding in southern Chile or Argentina.

The Guardian writes:

Efraim Zuroff, the Israel centre’s director, will travel to Bariloche in the Argentinian Andes today. He belives Heim is still alive because a bank account with €1.2m (£955,000) and other investments in Heim’s name in Berlin have not been claimed by his children. To do this they would need to prove that Heim was dead.

The SWC released a vague statement saying they had “new information regarding the possible whereabouts” of Heim on July 10.

Benjamin Schuman-Stoler

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