Questions for Ariel Sabar

Do you have questions for Ariel Sabar after reading his essay about journeying with his father to Jewish Kurdistan? Ask them here in response to this post: Leave a comment, and your question might be answered by him in a later post.

3 responses to “Questions for Ariel Sabar

  1. You can also see Ariel at the Washington DCJCC on Tuesday, September 23 as part of the Jewish Literary Festival ( )

  2. The cat is out of the bag! There is no denying that Ariel Sabar is one of the freshest new voices in the Jewish literary world. One Book, One Jewish Community–the Greater Philadelphia Jewish Community’s adult Jewish literacy project and the largest book program of its kind in the United States– has chosen My Father’s Paradise as its featured selection for the 2008-2009 book year. As a community, we will be reading the book and exploring its many themes. Ariel Sabar will be in Philadelphia to kick-off the year on Sunday, November 2. We have created a book discussion guide and resource guide specifically for My Father’s Paradise. Visit our website and sign up to receive copies of the guides, see our calendar of events, and learn more about One Book, One Jewish Community.

  3. Another question: Since the Kurdish Jews kept their ancestral language for 2000 years, are there customs or rituals unique to them that might be ancient as well?

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