Frum Jewish Mothers for Obama

Could this mom on a playground be Sarah Silverman’s angelic twin?

Take it as a counterpoint to Silverman’s sassy, obnoxious and, you almost hate to admit, kind of funny “Great Schlep” video: This clip is sincere, respectful and not even trying to be funny. (It opens with strains of HaTikvah as its star hugs her children.)

Yet another Jews for Jesus Obama video comes from Israel. This one boasts first-rate production values and some lovely Hebrew accents. I’m not proud of it, but I’ll admit to getting a bit verklempt myself:

Each of these videos may be persuasive within its own distinct demographic (though Silverman’s will get the most hits).

In the end, Obama might not need either one, in Florida or anywhere else.

—Mandy Katz

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