Post Election Hangover Round-up

  • Under a section called “The Age of Obama,” Ynet has two interesting pieces. One contains a reassuring statement from an adviser to Rep. Rahm Emmanuel (Obama’s not yet official White House chief of staff), and the other quotes Israelis advising patience regarding Obama’s work on Israel: he’ll have to deal with domestic issues first.
  • Ha’aretz says the Jewish-African-American bond is as strong as ever and offers yet another recap of Jewish gains in congress.
  • Heeb coined a brilliant new term: “Axelrodian“. As opposed to “Rovian,” this term signifies “‘calm,’ ‘mild-mannered’ and ‘judicious.'”
  • A Jewish student at George Mason University has garnered fame with his “Mason Votes” project.
  • The Orthodox Union’s Institute for Public Affairs has their own recap of the election here. They’re happy to see gay marriage bans go through, but disappointed by Washington’s approval of physician assisted suicide.
  • This prayer has been making email rounds among American Jews. In it, rabbi Josh Feigelson blesses his sons and compares Obama to King Solomon.

Benjamin Schuman-Stoler

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