A B’racha for Barack? The Obama Kiddush

L'Chaim. L'Axelrod. L'Plouffe. Etc.

L'Plouffe. L'Axelrod. L'Chaim.

By Mandy Katz

Raise a glass tonight and every night through January 20. You don’t have to know Hebrew to intone this one (though it helps if you daven in a leftward direction):

Barack atah Illinois,
Eloheinu melech ha’olam,
Hoo-ray p’ri ha-electoral landslide.


Photo by blackbirdboy.

3 responses to “A B’racha for Barack? The Obama Kiddush

  1. I’m going to need more wine to make it to January 20.

  2. Would that be wine from Israel, Danny? I’m no oh-no-file, so maybe you or someone else can check out some vintages (see IsraelWineBlog.com) and tell me which are worthwhile…

    Come to think of it, wine and Judaism would be a great subject for the new food and food-history section we’re adding to the magazine (that would be Moment). Be sure to see our next issue for the scoop on chicken soup — not so much how to make it as how to think about it.

  3. I’ll raise my Obamatinis and Mavericktinis to that 🙂

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