My Rabbi is HOT!

David SapersteinBy Marista Lane

For the third year in a row, Newsweek published a list of the country’s Top 50 Influential Rabbis (or what the magazine fondly refers to as the “hot rabbis list”), those who are considered leaders in the world Jewish community. This list is compiled by three media tycoons, Sony Pictures Entertainment Chairman and CEO Michael Lynton, News Corporation Executive Vice President Gary Ginsberg and JTN Productions CEO Jay Sanderson, and as they said, “intended to provoke a global conversation about the role of our religious leaders in today’s world.” Leading the list this year is Rabbi David Saperstein, who is the Director of the Religious Action Center in Washington, DC and the Co-Chair of the Coalition to Preserve Religious Liberty. He’s also a Friend of President Obama.

This year, the tycoons also compiled a list of America’s 25 Most Vibrant Congregations.

Did your synagogue or rabbi make the list? Is there a synagogue or rabbi you feel was overlooked?

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