A ‘Moment’ at the White House

By Hilary Weissman

Those of you religious “The Daily Show” watchers may have noticed that Jon Stewart mentioned Moment Magazine in last night’s broadcast. You didn’t? Maybe you didn’t watch that short clip close enough, but Stewart took a slight jab at President Obama’s reception at the White House in recognition of Jewish American Heritage month. Moment’s editor and publisher Nadine Epstein was among the honored guests in attendance. She can be more clearly seen donning a creme hat and camera in this video of D.C. native Regina Spektor’s performance of “Us” (skip to :47-:50!).

Huffington Post (and Moment Magazine) reporter Abigail Pogrebin marveled at the heat of the event, the heavy and honorable guest list, and the juxtaposition of emotions evoked by the president’s gala, which Pogrebin noted were at times more “token” rather than touching. But something that Pogrebin couldn’t deny was the famous six-degrees of separation that were bound to connect even the furthest of strangers. These bonds are inevitable when enough Jews are in a room together, swapping jokes and warming the walls of the White house with humor and nostalgia.

Epstein and Pogrebin were in great Jewish company to be separated by even 10 degrees, including Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, author Judy Blume, Senators Al Franken and Arlen Spector, Rabbi Harold Kushner, Sandy Koufax, Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer, and even former Dolphins QB Jay Fiedler.

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