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3 responses to “About IntheMoment

  1. Read my new book, “From a Culture of Dependency to a Culture of Success.”

    Jewish cultural values are consistent with independence, responsibility, and self-reliance; values consistent with the founding of the United States.

    The Jewish community, however, is silent as America has turned her back on independence. The United States is becoming a nation where the people look to government for their survival. As a result, government becomes more powerful and controlling. History shows how dangerous this can be for the Jewish community. Jews, everywhere, need to speak-up not just for America but for their own survival.

    As a community we have survived and thrived because of our independent and resilient nature.

    The message of liberty – the exceptional nature of America – is part of our Jewish fabric. It is a message refused by those that reject a culture of success. As Jews, we are turning our back on those historical forces that are the foundation for our future.

    Yale S. Wishnick, Ed.D.

  2. Dr. Wishnick makes a truly strong and valid point. Understanding his reasoning provides a means by which it becomes clear as to why jews are so disappointed in President Obama’s views, and actions, (NOT counting election year pandering) toward Israel and other allies.

    Hint to The Pres.: This most recent open mic gaff just cements the suspicions toward your “real intentions” vs Iran, Russia, Poland, Israel, etc., etc. Also, the polity won’t forget “Joe the plumber” and you’re desire to “spread the wealth”.

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