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Israel-Hezbollah Swap Follow-Up

Yesterday we provided a general recap of the soldier-prisoner exchange that occurred between Hezbollah and Israel.

Today, we are interested in the responses, not just from highranking officials, but from everyday people. We want to hear what you believe (you can leave your comments below). Was the swap a good idea? Continue reading

Israel, Hezbollah Complete Emotional Swap

The touchy swap of prisoners and the remains of soldiers captured in 2006 was completed today with the assistance of the Red Cross at the Israeli-Lebanon border.

Although much of Israel held out hope that the two Israeli soldiers—Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser—were still alive, the nation’s fears were confirmed when the two soldiers’ were brought to the border in coffins.

In return, Hezbollah received the remains of 200 of their fighters, as well as Samir Kuntar and four other prisoners. Continue reading