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Saviors in the Night

By Symi Rom-Rymer

Those seeking a Holocaust movie rendered in bold strokes of black and white, where the distinction between good and evil is clear and unwavering, will not find it in “Saviors in the Night;” the opening film of this year’s  New York Jewish Film Festival.   Directed by Ludi Boeken and based on the 1967 memoir of Marga Spiegel, this film seeks to tell multiple complex stories at once and where there are no clear heroes.

The film begins with a brief prologue: Deep in the muddy trenches of World War I four young, exhausted men in dirty German uniforms help each other flee to safety in the wake of a gas attack. One of those men is Siegmund “Menne” Spiegel, a decorated Jewish soldier who now, 25 years later, must seek the help of his wartime friends when he and his family are in imminent danger of deportation.  Continue reading

New York’s Guide to Holocaust Movies

By Benjamin Schuman-Stoler

Can’t decide which of the Holocaust/WWII movies coming out this holiday season you want to see? New York has this useful chart:


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