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Former Critics Fall in Line, Begin Accepting Obama

By Benjamin Schuman-Stoler

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Well, it’s been a few weeks now since Barack Obama was elected, and preliminary indications do not point to a massive restructuring of the fundamental American traditions (besides the ones that said only white people should be president). No, Obama has not nominated Leon Trotsky or Eugene Debs as honorary economic advisers, and former critics are starting to fall in line behind the president-elect.

The Orthodox Union‘s Institute of Public Affairs is one such example. Known for their conservative view on things, the IPA gracefully embraced Obama post-election, and, in a recent post entitled “It Was Only A Matter of Time; We All Love Obama (for) Now”, say that other former critics in the Jewish community have too.

Specifically, they link to an editorial written recently by the editors of The Jewish Press that acknowledges their criticisms of Obama while also overcoming them for a larger purpose:

This page made no bones about our support of Sen. McCain and our discomfort with many of Mr. Obama’s positions and much of his political history. His relationships with some individuals who despise America and Israel and who blame the threats and actions of rogue countries and terrorists on American foreign policy bothered us no end, as did his unconvincing attempts to explain those relationships. We were also made uneasy by his promise to level the international playing field and his blessing the notion of “spreading the wealth” here at home… Continue reading

Post Election Hangover Round-up

  • Under a section called “The Age of Obama,” Ynet has two interesting pieces. One contains a reassuring statement from an adviser to Rep. Rahm Emmanuel (Obama’s not yet official White House chief of staff), and the other quotes Israelis advising patience regarding Obama’s work on Israel: he’ll have to deal with domestic issues first.
  • Ha’aretz says the Jewish-African-American bond is as strong as ever and offers yet another recap of Jewish gains in congress.
  • Heeb coined a brilliant new term: “Axelrodian“. As opposed to “Rovian,” this term signifies “‘calm,’ ‘mild-mannered’ and ‘judicious.'”
  • A Jewish student at George Mason University has garnered fame with his “Mason Votes” project.
  • The Orthodox Union’s Institute for Public Affairs has their own recap of the election here. They’re happy to see gay marriage bans go through, but disappointed by Washington’s approval of physician assisted suicide.
  • This prayer has been making email rounds among American Jews. In it, rabbi Josh Feigelson blesses his sons and compares Obama to King Solomon.

Benjamin Schuman-Stoler