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60+ Jewish comedians guarantees laughs

By Marista Lane

Old Jews Telling JokesOld Jews Telling Jokes.” That is the self-explanatory title of a new website that’s guaranteed to provide a smile.

Started on Jan. 22, 2009, it highlights the 60 and older Jewish crowd to narrate their favorite joke. New webisodes are released every Tuesday and Thursday.

Emphasizing the importance of Jewish story telling, Sam Hoffman, creator of the website, knew that laughing goes hand in hand with story telling—so he got his parents and eighteen of their friends together to create individual comedic snippets. So far only nine of the webisodes have been released, which means there are still plenty more foul-mouthed, wise cracking installments left to air.

Most of the episodes are not-so-suitable for the underage crowd, including when Hoffman’s mother drops the F-bomb and two others mix hospitals and sex.

Either way, worth a peek.