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Orthodox Jews Were Not Affected By “Obama Bad For Israel” Rhetoric

By Benjamin Schuman-Stoler

According to data based on precincts “with High-Concentration Of Orthodox Jewish Voters,” Orthodox Jews were not only unafraid of Barack Obama, some communities voted for him in larger numbers than they did for John Kerry in 2004.

Shmuel Rosner blogs (and has a nice chart) about the data , compiled by The Public Policy office of the Orthodox Union, at JPost. He gives four explanations for the data:

  1. Like many Americans, Orthodox Jews thought it was time for the GOP to get its butt kicked.
  2. The economy has a profound impact on Orthodox families with a lot of children and a lot of expenses.
  3. Bush was rewarded in 2004 for his friendship toward Israel. McCain wasn’t.
  4. Sarah Palin was a downer to Jews, some Orthodox included.

Either way, we know that the rumors and the rhetoric swirling around Obama as bad for Israel and bad for Jews didn’t work among this demographic.

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Jews Go Gaga for Eggheads

By InTheMoment contributor Larry Kessner.

Maybe in the Czech Republic, poets can become president, but not here. Maybe in France they like their presidents to be descendants of historians, education ministers, and even kings, but not here. Here, if you spring from the loins of the upper classes, like Bushes 41 and 43, you need to remember to gnaw on pork rinds, “clear brush,” and drop your g’s. (Oh yeah, and say “nuke-u-ler”).

American Jews, by a wide margin, prefer intellectuals—actual or imagined—to cowboys or warriors when it comes time to vote for a president. But time and time again, when the votes are counted, they are disappointed. In America, even if you are a member of the intellectual elite, like Hillary Clinton, you want to make a point of challenging your opponent to a bowling match, or slugging down a boilermaker with the boys at Bronko’s Lounge.

Yes, Jews always vote for the candidate who is spun as intellectually elevated. The only exception to this is when Continue reading