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Now THAT’S Offensive! Politically Incorrect Suggestions for Religious Blogs

Religion isn’t hip.  It’s not cool, it’s not fun, it’s not trendy.  That, at least, was the opinion of one intern at the Moment office.  An editor replied that there were no exciting outlets for religious discussion.  So, as they are wont to do, members of the Moment office started brainstorming ideas on what the edgiest title for an engaging bible blog would be, pushing the limits of good taste in the process.  Would you read a blog with one of these names?  Or protest it?  Share your thoughts!

  • Sh*t my Torah Says (aka Drek My Torah Says)
  • The Torah Sutra: 1,000 Different Parsha Positions
  • Stuff Torah People Like
  • F*ck Yeah Torah Portion!
  • Bible Goggles
  • Torah Unplugged
  • This Is Your Brain on Torah
  • More Torah, Less Filling!
  • My Super Sweet Parsha
  • Torah-licious
  • The Politically Incorrect Torah
  • Torah the Explor-ah
  • Torah-Vision 3-D!
  • En-Torah-ge
  • Mystery Science Torah 5771
  • Peyos Fetish
  • No Shirt, No Sandals, No Torah
  • Parshas for Dummies
  • Shake your Jew-ty
  • The Torah Zone
  • Torah: Undressed
  • Strangers with Torah
  • The Torah: Bigger, Better, and Uncut
  • STFU, D’var Torah
  • Pimp My Torah
  • Torah-gasm
  • Delerium Torah: your weekly fix

Costco to sell the Torah (but not in bulk)

By Sarah Breger

Costco, the retail megastore, plans to sell a special illustrated Torah, JTA reported yesterday. The Torah will appeal to Jews and Christians who don’t have access to Jewish bookshops, according to the Torah’s distributer Neal Warnick. “It deserves to be in Costco,” he said. Moses would be proud.

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