What We’re Reading

  • This profile of Gene Weingarten, the scatalogically inclined humorist and brilliant Washington Post journalist. Weingarten is the only person to win two Pulitzers for feature writing: the first for his account of an experiment gauging whether or not hustling rush-hour commuters would recognize the singular beauty of violin virtuoso Joshua Bell’s performance in a crowded Metro station (spoiler: they didn’t, basically), and the second for his gut-wrenching story on parents who have accidentally killed their children by leaving them in the backseats of hot cars.
  • Nathan Englander talks with The New Yorker about his fiction: “I never take sides in a story. And I don’t mean that if the story is called “The Baby-Seal Clubber Steals A Christmas Present” that I’m going to tell you I’m wholly neutral and can’t tell the difference between the kid weeping as she stares at the empty Christmas tree, and the clubber of baby seals who also steals from children.”

–Sala Levin

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